We were established in 1993 as the first private bulk shipment company.

We lead “field operations” industry with our applications based on information technology featuring customer satisfaction and with the innovations we brought into the industry.

We hold P2 certificate from the Ministry of Transport and ISO-9001-2008 certificates from Dekra

We operate through specially-trained and high-technology-equipped Active Field Staff (AFS) all over Turkey.

We forward-distribute information or physical elements to the field and collect-distribute information or physical elements from the field depending on the needs of our customers.

For our field operations, we use high technology products such as mobile Internet, satellite and 3G and Digipen, and for physical transportations we use environment friendly electrical mopeds and diesel vehicles. We provide real-time and speed information flow to and from the field to and from the center.

We operate according to speed, security and transparency concepts in all our operational processes. Date and time of the actions are not based on the declaration of the person performing such action, but on the information received from the satellite. Our customer could also view the geographical location of our Active Field Staff (AFS) as well as what they are doing at that time

As Aktif Ileti, we aim to provide added value to the work processes of our customers. We design work processes enabling the customer to carry out the subsequent actions following the field actions in the easiest way and at the lowest cost possible. We provide our customers with easiness and all kinds of interface with the purpose of job monitoring and we care for real-time nature of all reporting actions. We have a customer representative for each of our customer ready for any communication at all times.

Our success and power depend on our agencies. We grant franchises and, thus, our distribution network grows each day. Moreover, we consolidate our agencies with operational process training, on-site training and marketing-oriented studies and we make a contribution to their growth by additional projects such as technical support, continuous cost support and ATİK (Quick Delivery Shipment Gain).

We aim to keep our leading and pioneering position in the industry with customer satisfaction and loyalty, to feed our infrastructure and, along with our dynamic structure and R&D studies, exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Difference in Field Operations

Transparency and Security with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Thanks to the smart phones working through 3G structure, shipments could be tracked from the point of departure to the point of delivery in electronic environment and be monitored via “web services”,

Whenever they wish, our customers could reach the last status information of their shipments via Internet,

We eliminate the concerns of our customers regarding the security by enabling all the entirety of the field operation to be tracked,

“Delivery by appointment” option, accurate timing and speed

Shipments are securely delivered to the recipients in the minimum time in direct proportion to the requests of the customers,

We provide that shipments not delivered to the recipients are to be delivered to the recipient on the recipient’s choice of date and time, and keep the return costs at minimum,

We bring our performance in distribution to the maximum level, thanks to the “delivery by appointment” systematic, enabling simultaneous response to the shipments that could not be delivered,

We manage 80% of our distribution network, thanks to our intercity ring vehicles. Moreover, we accelerate our shipment process to the maximum level, thanks to the plane cargo integration.

Cost advantage

We provide optimum solutions with cost planning intended for the needs of our customers

Contact Info of Headquarters

Phone:  : 0850 333 0 327
E-mail : aktif@aktif.com

Company Information



Tax No:  002 041 3198

Trade Registry No:  419818

Bank Name/Branch: YAPI KREDİ/PERPA 977

Bank Account No:  TR200006701000000081490117

Central Registration System No:  7244-6384-1564-8732

Kep Mail Address:  aktif@hs02.kep.tr