I received an SMS on my cell phone sent by you; what should I do?

We send an SMS to you for three reasons;

We came to your address, but you weren’t there,
There is an error/missing item in your address and we cannot locate you,
Your shipment was delivered to you or one of your relatives.
You can get information about your shipment by entering the reference number in the shipment inquiry section and you can ask us to bring your shipment to your current address.

I’m expecting a shipment from the bank, but I haven’t received it yet and it’s urgent; what should I do?

You can get information about the last status of your shipment by using the shipment search form on home page. If you don’t know your shipment number, you can complete the communication form. Delivery of your shipment will be carried out as soon as possible.

I want my shipment to be delivered to a different address; what should I do?

In case you contact the call center of your bank and update your address information, your shipment will be delivered to your updated address as soon as possible.

Could I collect my shipment from your office?

Our corporate customers require us to make delivery of the shipments only to the address for security reasons

Do you have distribution overseas?

Aktif Ileti only operates within the borders of Turkey and Cyprus.

I want to know about your distribution network, do you make country-wide distribution in Turkey?

Aktif Ileti make distribution within the borders of Turkey and Cyprus