Field operations with DigiPen

Aktif Ileti provides you with field operation scenarios in different fields from the delivery of bulk shipments to your customers (recipients) to the signing of the agreements at your customers’ addresses. You could save time thanks to workflows designed by Digipen and smart mobile devices. We, Aktif Ileti, perfectly design and execute lots of steps such as printing, distributing, applying, transferring into electronic environment and archiving of documents, forms or agreements requiring credible wet signature from the field. We provide you with efficiency, thanks to the real-time, fully electronic, measurable and auditable data you would receive from the field.

What is Digipen?

DigiPen is a internationally and widely-used Smart Pen hardware containing a wide variety of patented technologies. It provides special solutions for different needs, thanks to its various features such as Bluetooth, GPS, pressure gradient sensors and high definition camera. DigiPens are used along with smart mobile devices (Android operating system) in field operations. DigiPen operates with in-house-developed special software sets. All of our field staff could carry out thousands of actions problem-free every day with DigiPen and smart mobile devices.

When patented agreements, documents and forms designed especially for DigiPen and printed on ordinary papers are completed by using DigiPen, all the data on such papers is transmitted to the pre-determined databases, file serves etc. within seconds via “secure mobile Internet channel”. So, data/document creation, application, collection and archiving applications made by using DigiPen save you a great deal of time and labor.

Where does Aktif Ileti use DigiPen technology?

1- Data relating to the delivery and signatures of recipients during the delivery of shipments are completed by Digipen and the received data is transmitted to the systems of our customers. At the same time, a healthy data flow is ensured with geographical positioning of the shipment and lots of other technical audits. We could forward the operational information of shipments in a safer and faster manner.


Information regarding the agreements to be completed is received from the recipients on the recipients’ location along with the signatures of the recipients. Such information is forwarded to the data systems of our customers.

Moreover, upon the request of our customers, the data on the form could be entered by ICR technology on their own platforms for data entry, thus saving labor-force.

It is also possible to fulfill the need of scanning the forms and agreements after their completion and creating an electronic archives while such forms/agreements are still on the field. And that eliminates the costs regarding document scanning.

If requested, it is also possible to obtain color images of IDs of the recipients who complete the forms and agreements. ​​

Thanks to all such contributions, end-to-end processes that could take about two weeks could be done in one to three days.

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