For your very special customers and shipments

  • Aktif Prestige is a service we present to our customers for their very special customers and shipments.
  • Shipments to be sent to VIP recipients are collected from any location and any time during the day.
  • Expert Customer Services officer contacts the recipient to make an appointment and private delivery is executed.
  • All the deliveries are carried out by our specially-trained Prestige staff as protecting the brand value of our customers (the ones on the materials such as presentable, company ribbon etc.)
  • Our PRESTIGE teams consist of one male and one female personnel and recipient visits are carried out with 3G-equipped and logo-bearing special vehicles.
  • In case of customized gifts such as flowers, chocolate etc. requested to be delivered with VIP shipments sent via this special service of ours we provide in order to reflect the reputation of our customers and that the customers are special, the deliveries are performed in our tailor-made elegant boxes.


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