Signed bulk shipment services

Aktif Ileti specialized in delivery and reporting of shipments to thousands of different addresses originated from a single center of our customers since 1993. We receive your shipments from your address and separate them in an automatized manner in our operation center, make them ready for sending and deliver them within the pre-determined period and carry out real-time and electronic reporting of all those processes . We are able to add geographical positioning to data, use secure data communication channels, become integrated with your databases and applications and carry out detailed analysis and reports, thanks to smart mobile devices we use in our field operations and private software we developed.

Shipment delivery information is sent to your cell phone instantly

For signed distributions, product-related and customer-selected scopes are specified and reporting is made by reaching online and simultaneous status/location information via GPS service.
In case of presence of e-mail and/or SMS information of the recipient, status information of the shipment is forwarded to them for security reasons.

  • Personal Delivery Scope (PDS): In case of the absence of the Recipient, the delivery is made in person to any person or officer present at the address upon their signature and an evidence.
  • Delivery to Home and Office (DHO): In case of absence of the Recipient, the delivery is made to any person who opens the door to the home or to the security or front desk staff upon their signature and an evidence.
  • Very Narrow Scope (VNS): Delivery is made to the Recipient, first-degree relative of the Recipient and children of the Recipient over 18, and to secretary or superior of the Recipient at the office.
  • Delivery only to the Recipient (DOR): Delivery is made only to the recipient.

Other signed distribution types;

  • Collection Distribution: Shipments are collected from different addresses and gathered in a single center
  • Aktif Ileti completes all these services by providing a returnable, logistics, document and service flow just as represented by two-side arrows in the logo of Aktif Ileti
  • Collect on Delivery: Your shipments are delivered to the recipient. Shipment fee is collected from the recipient.

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